About Me

I was born at a small city in Indonesia. I love to read non-fiction books while listening classical music. My favourite composer is Beethoven particularly in his middle period works. I also like photography stuff. I love to take a picture of the beauty of our nature. You can access my Flickr at here.

I graduated from BINUS University and BINUS Business School Indonesia and received a bachelor degree in Computer Science, and a  Master degree in Management respectively, my undergraduate dissertation was in database systems, while my master dissertation was in IT Blueprint. Currently, I am a PhD student in Computer Science at University of Nottingham UK with Dr. Michel ValstarDr. Peter Blanchfield, and Dr. Martin Flintham as my supervisors.  My research topics is in social interaction with virtual agents in a serious game environment. It focuses on how to automatically understand social signals captured from a microphone and camera (sensors), interpret these signals, and respond in a natural way to the player. One of the interesting things is that a player in a Role Playing Game (RPG) is already engaged with the Non-Player Characters (NPCs), making interactions with NPCs directly or indirectly in game. Over time, a pattern of interaction between player and virtual agents may form a relationship between them. There remain several interesting questions to investigate.

Academic Experiences

I was a teaching assistant at BINUS University at 2007 . In 2009, I became a lecturer in Computer Science at BINUS University in game design and programming, multimedia, and basic programming subjects. In addition, I was a core team of mobile application and technology, and team leader in Game application and Technology curriculum development, the new babies of School of Computer Science BINUS university.

My personal CV can be accessed on my LinkedInGoogle Scholar, and Research Gate

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