ERiSA goes to Firbeck Academy

For the third year, academics and students from the School of Computer Science of University of Nottingham went out to the school to put together fun computer science activities designed to get the children excited about programming, technology and computing. One of the activity was The Don’t Smile Game with two of ERiSA game companions with me and Tjaart Broodryk. In this activity, the students played a simple game called “Don’t Smile”, with social game agents which are capable of perceiving the player’s emotions. The goal of the game is simple: make the computer smile and laugh with jokes, and funny facial expressions. The first contestant to smile uncontrollably loses. Through the activity, the students also learned about emotions – what are emotions and feelings, how we as humans can perceive those emotions and how a computer can understand such emotions. For detailed information about the study can be referred to here and for more information about the activities on Firbeck Academy can be found on here.